Man Collapses Right In Front Of His Pony, How Animal Saves His Life Is Going Viral

From research and scientific knowledge, we can conclude that some animals are actually brilliant. Dogs are particularly intelligent and can learn any number of tricks and even memorize them. Cats have also proved to be very intelligent, and if it were not for their stubbornness at times, they would be among the most intelligent creatures.

Along these lines, one British woman named Emma has set out to prove that horses are intelligent too, and with some patience, they can be trained to do almost anything, even advanced tricks. The owner of two ponies claims that she has come up with a language that can be well understood by horses and that she can easily communicate with a few different horses at any time.

For this reason, she has claimed to be the first British national to come up with a language that can be understood by horses.

To prove her point, Emma has been training the two ponies to perform CPR. They are still in the learning stages, but they have covered some substantial ground. Their trainer, Emma, reported that the most difficult part was teaching them to repeat the sequence; to do the compressions first then the breaths. After some time, however, they fell in line.

Emma went ahead and filmed the two horses performing CPR on her fiancé who pretends to have passed out during a routine ride. The two ponies stutter over to the scene with their backs saddled with a first aid kit. They also have little blue sirens that wail all the way. One horse moves forward and begins delivering first aid.

First, the horse checks for life. Emma ticks away on her clipboard as a professional photographer captures the precious moment. The horse then goes ahead and administers CPR, pressing gently on the man’s chest with his front hooves. The horse then checks his breath, then presses against him again.

He pretends to regain awareness, and the horses go to the next step; making the patient comfortable. This step is practiced on another horse who hilariously sits on an inflated chair. The other pony gives Emma the correct items to use in order until the appropriate treatment is administered. They have passed the quiz!

As the video circulates among social networks, Emma points out that she was not out to prove that horses can actually do CPR. She just wished that people all over the world would know that they were as intelligent as dogs and that they could be trained to do a lot of things.

She thought that she could depict this in a fun way that people would enjoy, which is why the footage is hilarious and adorable too.

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