Man Brought In Dead Raccoon And Placed It On McDonald’s Table

You will inevitably come across some of the strangest events when you live in a town as large as San Francisco.

You often don’t even have to be in a town. As long as you operate somewhere that where you will be around large amounts of people, you will eventually see some really strange things that individuals can do.

That’s all fine and dandy if you’re attempting to desensitize yourself or something like that, but what if that “strange event” is also extremely gross?

Such was the terrible situation encountered by the employees of this California McDonald’s when a guy walked in and placed a dead raccoon on the table.

This was extremely shocking, as you can imagine, as well as being a significant health hazard.
Chris Brooks, an unknown elderly person with a white beard and hair sat in the franchise restaurant a little before 7 a.m. in a video recorded and broadcast in actual time on Facebook Live.

The dead raccoon’s corpse hit the table before him, alarming everybody in the area.

It seems as if the man had simply put the raccoon on the table without any warning, according to what Brooks said in the video.

Then the man got up and left after a worker pointed to him, leaving the corpse of the animal behind.
Ultimately it was removed by another individual wearing gloves who picked it up from the tail and threw it away in an indoor trash can.

In the video, it is evident that as the individual went out of the shop and into the parking lot to dispose of it, the body left behind a bloody path.

To their credit, the staff of the restaurant responded well.

According to Scott Rodrick, the McDonald branch’s owner-operator, the employees immediately had the entire dining room cleaned and sanitized as soon as the carcass was removed, and the restaurant was reopened for business, as usual, five hours later.

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