Man asks elderly woman to share a meal with him and his friends and their picture went viral

Dining alone is never fun. It can be extremely embarrassing, not to mention lonely.

Jamario Howard and two of his friends were eating at an Oxford, Alabama restaurant when he noticed an elderly lady eating alone. “Dang,” he thought. “I’d hate to have to eat alone.” So he did what any empathetic person would do; he went over to her table and asked to join her.

While talking with the woman, Jamario learned her husband had died. Sadly, the following day would have been the couple’s 60th anniversary. There was no way the three could let her eat alone, especially after hearing her sad news. The men invited the widow to join them at their table; she accepted, excited to have company during her meal.

Jamario said the experience changed his outlook on life, and how he sees others. He knew he wouldn’t want to eat alone if he were in her position. He also stated it is always a good idea to be helpful and kind to people since you never know what others are going through. “Everyone has a story so do not judge,” he said.

Jamario did have one final piece of advice. “People I can’t stress this enough. GO SEE YOUR MOM AND YOUR GRANDPARENTS. THEY MISS YOU!” His words sound like good advice to me.
A little kindness goes a long way. In this case, Jamario Howard and his friends just made this widow’s day a whole lot better.

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