Loyal Pet Dog Has Been Waiting At The Same Spot By Roadside For 4 Years After Falling From Owner’s Truck


A man named Anuchit raced his motorcycle down a highway in Thailand in September 2019. He saw a dog sitting on the side of the street with a sad look.

Apparently the forlorn pup was waiting for someone.

Anuchit rode to the very same spot later that day, seeing the same dog still sitting there. He began to learn more about the history of the pet after stopping his bike to see if the dog was OK.

One resident, Saowaluck, said in 2016 she also continued to find the dog at the same corner. She took him to the vet, called him Leo, and took him in. But days later, Leo was gone.

Saowaluck noticed him on the highway at the same corner and came back to give him food and water every day.

She loved him dearly, but he didn’t seem ready to accept her as his new owner.

After the motorcyclist shared Leo’s story on social media, the dog’s former owner came forward and shared her story.

An elderly woman named Noi said that Leo jumped out of her pickup truck back in 2015. She and her husband say they looked just about everywhere for him but weren’t able to track him down.

When Noi arrived at the corner to reunite with Leo in 2019, he ran over to her and was greeted with so much love and affection, but he refused to go home with her.

Saowaluck begged Noi to keep the dog herself because she had become so attached to her and had already tried to adopt him once before.

Leo has reportedly been with Saowaluck ever since … no longer sad, and no longer waiting.

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