Little Girl Looks Terrified And Freezes In Front Of Mic Then Has Judge Leaping To His Feet For Her Voice

I could listen to her all day.

When you are blessed with a wonderful and unique talent by God, you make the most use of it when you share it with others. Not only do you bring joy to others by sharing your talent with them, you get to connect with those who appreciate what you have to offer.

This little girl from Holland sure connected with the audience when she started singing on Holland’s Got Talent, showing how great it is to share what God has blessed you with. In 2013, 9-year old Amira went on the popular reality show; Holland’s Got Talent. The tiny girl appears timid and nervous as she stands behind the mic with her curly, honey-brown hair, but when she opens her mouth to start singing, she stunned the judges, as well as the audience, with her strong performance.

As the sound of violin fills the room, Amira starts singing in her operatic voice, leaving the judges wide-eyed. No one could believe that such a mature and strong voice was coming from a little 9-year old girl. The audience too was ecstatic as Amira hit every high note to perfection, never struggling or going flat.

As she sings a song about a broken-hearted woman so passionately, the judges even start tearing up toward the end of the performance. This shows just how powerful music can be as a tool of connection. The audience erupts into applause as Amira finishes her song, proudly smiling on stage.

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