Little Boy with Down Syndrome Rubs Prince Harry’s Beard, Steals Hearts Around the Globe

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are simply the most charming and adorable couple.

Fans have recently been awestruck over the royal family’s recent announcement of their little royal baby on the way.

Kensington Palace itself confirmed the news on Twitter that the happy couple will be expecting their little one in the spring of 2019.

Recently, the family has continued to warm hearts with the sweet story of little 5-year-old Luke Vincent.

According to Australian News, the little boy with Down syndrome somehow snuck past the security guards and went right up to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

The couple was in Dubbo, Australia, on the second day of their 16-day tour at the time.

Prince Harry immediately knelt down and gave the boy a warm embrace, to which the boy responded with a warm smile.

The young boy was then incredibly intrigued by Prince Harry’s beard, reaching up to run his hands through it as the royal laughed and smiled up at the fascinated crowd.

Young Luke also hugged Meghan Markle, getting one-on-one time with both royals that day.

Ms. Van Dartel, Luke’s school principal, told the host of the Today Show, “Luke’s favorite person is Santa Claus … and now it’s Prince Harry,” she said.

“Luke waited beautifully today and waited for Prince Harry and Princess Meghan to come to us. And he even brought her flowers.”

Which he did. In fact, he handed them straight to Meghan Markle before he gave her his warm hug.

Not only is the couple being praised for handling this situation so well at a public event — with warm smiles and laughs — but Luke himself is melting hearts across the world for his sweet and genuine soul.

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