Lion Is Losing Fight Against 20 Hyenas, Brother Hears His Cries And Rushes To Save Him

Wildlife documentaries are absolutely thrilling, probably because you know anything can happen. This one will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

Recently, BBC Earth shared a clip from their documentary series, Dynasties, and it shows a lion named Red finding himself surrounded by a group of over 20 hungry hyenas. As the lion tries to roar and fend off the hungry pack, the hyenas cackle, paw and snatch at him in an attempt to tire him. Scroll down to check out how the intense battle ended.

“As they mature, young males begin to explore the boundaries of the pride’s territory.” – the narrator explains

“Red has ventured out alone. And blundered straight into the middle of the hyena town.”

“He’s trapped. By over 20 of them.”

Watch the video below to see the whole story:


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