Lion Approaches Tiny Weiner Dog, But It’s The Dog’s Comeback That’s Stunned The Internet

Regardless of however hard we try to bend the rules in our lives, nature still works exactly the way it was designed to. The law of the jungle clearly defines the demarcations between the different species that all animals small and large must abide by. As such there are certain species that are just not destined to get along with each other. However, our inspiring story defies all such rules and takes you to an amazing world where a little dog and a massive lion ended up being the best of pals!

It is the real-life story of a small female wiener dog named Abby and a large Barbary Lion names Bonedigger that live at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. And while you might find it hard to believe, Bonedigger and Abby are the best of friends in the most unusual circumstances possible! The park employees attribute their loving bond to their long history of association wherein they were introduced to each other between the tender ages of six and eight weeks old. While Bonedigger is an intimidating beast who doesn’t allow any other animal to step into his area, he gets along absolutely fine with his tiny little friend. Describing their friendship, the park manager John Reikene puts it, “I can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like this bond. They’re always just loving each other.”

More power to Bonedigger and Abby for their exemplary friendship!

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