Serious Twins Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes, But Keep Watching The One In Pink!

The bond between siblings is something very special, especially if the age gap is very small. Not only are they family, they become your friends too, and because they are family, you know that they will always be real with you. Through thick or thin, you can rely on a brother or sister to be there for you, to help and support you, and to correct you and be straight with you when you need to be told the truth, bitter as it may be at times. This bond is even stronger between twins. From the time they are born, twins are by each others’ sides. One couple captured a moment that shows this bond between their twin children and it is one of the most heart-warming things anyone has seen on the internet.

Raising twins can be exceptionally challenging. You’ve got to take care of two babies at once and also be very careful how you raise them so that they grow to support and encourage each other rather than develop unhealthy rivalry while still having personalities and interests that are their own. For baby Merle and Stijn, it is still too early to be worried about that. They’re just busy chatting with other in a language only they can understand! Developing their own language is something twins are known to do. It is called cryptophasia. Although it is bewildering to everyone else, including their parents, twin babies seem to communicate with each other in cute little babbles.

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