Lifelong Best Friends Get Unbelievable DNA Test Results!

God gave us siblings so that everyone in the world gets to experience true and unconditional love. Our brothers and sisters will always have our backs as they look out for us all the time. God wants us to have strong relationships with them. We should thank God for all the wonderful gifts he has given us. Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson have been friends for sixty years. As it was their habit to celebrate all the wonderful moments in their life together, they decided to co-host a party for Christmas. At the end of the party, the duo had surprising news to share with their family members and friends. They told all the partygoers that they were also brothers.

According to Associated Press, Alan and Walter were born 15 months apart. Their first meeting was when they were in the sixth grade. After the best friends retired, they decided to find out their lineage online. With the help of various research sites that specialize in genealogy, Macfarlane found out that his genes found a close match with “Robi737.” Robi737 was none other than Alan, who also registered in those websites to track down his lineage.His username was a combination of his career and nickname. Cindy, MacFarlane’s daughter, said, “As a nickname, everybody called him Robi and he flew 737s for Aloha Airlines, he was a pilot.” When Associated Press interviewed Robinson, he said, “It was an overwhelming experience, it’s still overwhelming. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for me to get over this feeling.”

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