Kristen Bell Opens Up About Feeling Insecure And How She Boosts Her Self-Confidence

No matter how many challenges we have overcome, or how much success we may have, we are only human after all, and it’s easy to feel small, inferior and insignificant. However, if we know that God is always with us, nothing can make us feel unworthy.

Kristen Bell is one of the most multi-talented and successful actresses in Hollywood. On top of that, she is extremely relatable, genuine and down to earth, making the public absolutely adore her. One would think that she has it all, but despite all that she has achieved, she has revealed that she still struggles with feelings of inferiority, like all of us.

As an honoree of the 2018 women Making History Awards, Bell gave a speech at the ceremony, where she spoke about how she still feels inferior when she enters a room, most of which stems from her short height, which is 5’1’’. Fortunately, the actress has someone who givers her strength to carry on despite her insecurities – Eleanor Roosevelt.

She said that ten years ago, she read the words of the former first lady, which goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Till today, she thinks about how powerful this quote is and it has helped her through tough times.

Kristen also tries to teach her daughters – Delta and Lincoln – to live by this principal so they never doubt their worth and don’t live “inside a box”. 

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