Kitten Nearly Burned Alive in California Fire Adopted by Rescuer Who Saved Him

Meet Vulcan the incredible fireproof cat!

Vulcan survived the Carr Fire, which ripped through Shasta and Trinity Counties in California this past summer.

When Dan Evans, an Animal Regulation Officer, responded to a call about an abandoned kitten, he wasn’t sure what he would find.

He found the little kitten suffering from painful burns and frightened of the humans trying to rescue him.

“It was a miracle that he was alive,” Evans told The Dodo.

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Cali may be getting another kitty! Daddy rescued this little one in the ruins of the #CarrFire on Sunday. After several hours of dispatches to check on pets in this area, he was finding nothing but terrible outcomes. Everything was burned, everything was dead. Feeling very disheartened, he was driving out of the area when he spotted her sitting on the burned out truck (in the background). He couldn't believe it and still has no idea how she survived the flames… EVERYTHING was burned. She is getting medical attention for her burns now and #HavenHumane is working to find her owners. #reddingstrong #animalrescue #strongerthancarr #shastacounty #shastastrong #reddingca #cityofredding #redding #thankyoufirstresponders . . . #dogsofinsta #dogs_of_instagram #foxredlabrador #frllove #doggo #petstagram #doglife #ilovemydog #kitty #rescue #rescuekitty #kitten #cat #kittycat

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The kitten was hiding inside a burned vehicle when Evans slowly reached his arm inside a hole where Vulcan had retreated.

Around ten seconds had past when he felt the nuzzle of the kitten’s head in his hand and was able to scoop the kitten to safety.

“He chose to come to me,” Evans said. “And in that moment, I knew if this cat survives, I’m gonna make him part of my family.”

But it would take time before Vulcan could join his new family.

Vulcan had third-degree burns on his fur and paws. He needed immediate medical treatment at the Haven Humane Society.

Veterinarians were hopeful that the kitten would survive, but informed Evans there would be no guarantee. The first 48 hours were very crucial the vets said as they rallied around the brave little fighter.

Hopeful and patient, Evans watched the fireproof cat’s incredible recovery.

Each day Vulcan gained strength, energy and a genuine love for his rescuers.

When Vulcan was finally healthy enough for a home, the Haven Humane Society determined that Evan and his wife were the right human parents for this special kitty.

Vulcan also gained an unexpected best friend when he met Cali, the family’s three-legged rescue dog.

The pair became best friends, sharing a bond that brings great joy to Evans’ life.

God bless them!

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