Triplet’s First Birthday Photo Marred With Sadness After Losing Mom During Birth

A babies first birthday is usually a very exciting and special day. It’s the first of many and a time of joy and smiles. For the Smith triplets celebration, it is also a time of sadness and reflection.

The three babies were born to Martin and Chervonne a few years after their first son Tanner was born. The couple wanted their son to have brothers or sisters and turned to IVF for a second pregnancy.

They were told they’d be having triplets. The news thrilled them.

“She was so excited for the babies to come out. She couldn’t wait. That’s all she ever talked about,” said Martin.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Chervonne’s doctors told her she needed an immediate surgery to safely retrieve the babies.

Martin calmed his wife before going into the operating room.

“Everything’s going to be okay. This is the day we’ve been waiting for.”

Unfortunately, Chervonne had a complication and didn’t make it past the boys’ births. They were saved and healthy.

It was very hard on the newly single father of four and the entire family.

“Just looking at them brings me joy,” said Chervonnes dad Hyan Smith. “It chases away the gloom I may otherwise feel.”

Loved ones, friends and church members supported Martin during the difficult time. They helped with the babies and financial support as well.

“I miss everything about her,” Martin reflected. “Tanner misses his mom just like any child. He is learning to cope with her loss. A huge part of his life is no longer present and I can see the impact that it has on him.”

As the 1st anniversary of her death and the birthday of the triplets arrived, Martin wanted to celebrate life overall.

“As hard as it was, I wanted to celebrate her life and boys’ birthday on that special day, August 31st, to honor her by celebrating with her at her final resting place,” he said.

He took precious photos of his sons at their mothers resting place. It was a special moment for them all. The images show the joy of life and the love for their mother.

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