Kate Hudson Shared A Sweet Photo Of Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell On ‘Grandparent Duty’

It’s the holiday season! A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, it’s also time to celebrate their newest grandchild!

The celebrity couple has a total of 6 grandkids. The two have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for 35 years. Kate Hudson, Goldie’s daughter has a new baby girl and is booming with love and glee. The entire family is excited as well and can’t get enough of the little bundle.

Hudson has a 14-year-old and a 7-year-old, making this her 3rd child. Kate posted an adorable photo of the baby with her grandparents on social media with the message:

“Grandma and Grandpa duty…or should I say, Mr. and Mrs. Claus”

Fans responded with excitement and emojis of joy.

Kate referenced the two as Mr. and Mrs. Claus because they recently played those roles in the new Netflix hit movie ‘The Christmas Chronicles.” Kate’s brother also had a role in the movie.

Russell also shared a few words of joy about the little girl in an interview.

“She is the sixth grandchild, Kate’s first daughter. And along with the other five now, it is obviously a fantastic addition, and it will be fun just to watch her little eyes looking at the lights on the Christmas tree and taking it all in for the first time.”

This is a wonderful time to reflect on memories with family and special moments together for Christmas. Congratulations to Kate and the entire family for your holiday baby!

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