John Stamos Reveals How Jodie Sweetin Helped Him Get Sober After He ‘Hit Rock Bottom’

John Stamos Credits On-Screen Niece Jodie Sweetin for His Sobriety

In careers that span four decades, the cast of “Full House” and now “Fuller House” are like family. John Stamos’ co-star and on-screen niece Jodie Sweetin are particularly close.

Stamos publicly thanked and credited Jodie for helping him get and stay sober.

Stamos opened up about his battle with alcohol addiction at a Writers in Treatment Award event in February. The fifty-five-year-old actor’s rock bottom occurred in a 2015 DUI where he admits “I could have killed someone.”

Jodie’s addiction ravaged her after the wrapping of the original hit TV show, “Full House” and she is vocal about her treatment and recovery. That transparency led Jodie to create a candid memoir in 2009, “unSweetined” and continues today with her work in the recovery community. It is that work for which the Writers honored her in Treatment “Experience, Strength, and Hope” Award.

Stamos shared his gratitude for Jodie in a moving speech at the award event.

“Jodie lovingly allowed me to walk my own path and when I finally humbled myself to ask for help, I realized that the perky little blabbermouth had become the master of wisdom and was right by my side during some of the most difficult days of my life,” he said.

Stamos, now sober for four years believes his wife and son will only know him as a sober husband and father, and that gift would not be possible without Jodie.

Jodie even organized meetings on the set of “Fuller House” and in Stamos’ home to help him stay sober.

The beauty of this life-long friendship is proof that one person can make a big difference in someone’s life when they embrace their brokenness and share how they came out of the dark.

“Thank God, my wife and my new son will only know me as a sober husband and father,” John told the crowd. “This is Jodie’s legacy in my life.”

“John, I’m so proud of you …” Jodie responded when receiving her award.

“… It’s been the greatest thing to watch someone that you love have the light come back on again,” she added.

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