Jesus Paid It All, All To Him I Owe

Find out more about Jesus by reading this message today.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.
Isaiah 55:8

Sometimes people speak the same language, but still can’t communicate. It may be because of different beliefs, backgrounds, or agendas. They hear each other, but neither seems able to listen. If they can’t persevere and find a way to communicate, they fail to connect in any meaningful way.

Sometimes our words, prayers, and actions must seem just as challenging to God. Not because he doesn’t understand us—he does, of course—but because of our limitations. We only see what’s visible and therefore tend to rely on it for a sense of reality. With this concrete basis of comparison, we can only imagine a limited number of options, possibilities, and directions to take.

God, on the other hand, sees what is visible to us and what is invisible. He can see all of time, history, and space in the time we blink an eye. We must rely on faith if we want to speak God’s language, trusting that his thoughts truly are higher and best.

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Pray: “God, I can’t always understand why you do what you’re doing, but I don’t need to. Remind me that I can trust you regardless of my own limited perspective.”

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