Husband With Alzheimer’s Plans Special Dance With Wife For Her 80th Birthday

The world we live in is a place that is full of surprises and miracles. Miracles happen around us all the time, we just tend to rarely notice them. God has given us so many things to look forward to in life and all we need to do is trust that he knows what he’s doing. Christy Velasquez recently uploaded a video of her parents on YouTube. They’ve been happily married for 50 years and this serves as a reminder to all of us that true love does still exist.

The video was uploaded last year on the 5th of September, and the caption to the video read, “Alzheimer’s has taken away my Daddy’s ability to dance but today is Mama’s 80th birthday and we don’t know what next year will bring so needed to give my Mama this special moment.” Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. The disease causes memory problems, changes in general behavior and thought patterns. Velasquez’s parents have always loved to dance. But ever since her dad was diagnosed with cancer, the family wasn’t sure if he could remember his waltz moves.

But on her mother’s 80th birthday, her dad decided to give her a surprise present – a dance! And the internet has been going crazy ever since. The video shows the old man being helped to his feet with music playing in the background. The relative who helps him up then leads him to the opposite side of the room to his wife. The joy is evident in both of their faces as he places his hands on her shoulder and starts moving in tune. They dance like they danced while they were young and soon there were tears in everyone’s eyes.

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