Homeless man with terminal cancer donates to toy drive: ‘This is probably going to be my last Christmas’

A Colorado homeless man has terminal cancer, but it isn’t stopping him from giving this Christmas.

Glen McCarthy went into an Englewood, Colorado Walmart to buy a cup of coffee just like he done so often each day before, but this time he noticed a toy drive going on. He to buy a Barbie and a Hot Wheels set for the toy drive.

The toys were nice but the item that really caught his eye was a bicycle, which was priced at $59. McCarthy noticed, however, the item also had a $44 price tag underneath it.

After returning to the hotel he was staying at, McCarthy could not stop thinking about the bike, in spite of its hefty price tag. When he returned to Walmart, an employee told him he could have it for $44, since he would be giving it to the toy drive anyways.

Realizing he doesn’t have much time left, McCarthy told KMGH that putting a smile on a child’s face is the true gift.

“Another big reason I got to thinking, this is probably going to be my last Christmas. I’m no one, make some little kid happy,” said McCarthy.

Though he may not have much, McCarthy added that he is more at peace these days than when he had more to his name.

“It took my losing everything to realize that I’m happier now struggling for everything in my life than I had when I had big money,” said McCarthy.

Despite his illness and lack of permanent housing, McCarthy is known for his generous spirit. Those who know him say he regularly goes the extra mile to help others, and this purchase was very much in character.

”Totally sounded like Glen, yeah totally. So it’s just amazing, he just has a real caring heart and willing to help people,” said Julie Romero, day center manager at Senior Support Services, where McCarthy volunteers.

As for the little girl or boy that receives the bike, McCarthy hopes they have lots of fun.

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