Homeless Man Asks Restaurant For Water – Customer Stunned By Their Response

Esmene Bongais-Navarro was sitting at a restaurant in Texas when a distressed-looking homeless man walked into the building.

He respectfully asked the restaurant staff if he could have a glass of water or some juice, but shockingly, he was told that he would have to pay for a glass of water, according to sources.

Defeated, the man walked out of the restaurant. However, Bongais-Navarro is not the kind of person who will allow another person to go hungry if she can help it, and she often volunteers to help the homeless.

When she stepped out of the restaurant to locate the man, he was searching through a trash can. She asked him to dinner and he gratefully accepted. When restaurant staff said that he wasn’t allowed in the restaurant, she told them that the man was actually her guest.

The homeless man then went on to treat himself to some orange juice and some pink lemonade. He cried soft tears as he looked at the abundance of food at the buffet, then loaded up his plate. He ate every single bite of food on his plate.

She reflected about how much she has in her life and how there are others out there without their basic needs being met, and made the decision that she would feed the next homeless person she saw as well.

What a great story of compassion!

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