36-year-old surprises everyone with her pregnancy and the shape of her belly

Maria’s stomach started to take shape around week 22. Although she had three grown children in her stomach, the remainder of her body stayed nearly the same. That being said, she had a hard time lifting things along with the fact that she couldn’t pick up her two-year-old son.

36-year-old Maria Nordø Jørstad is a standard lady living in Denmark, but she has earned more than 46,000 followers on social media since she began posting photos of her pregnancy this spring. The reason for that? The unusual shape of her stomach.

Since the start of the year, thousands of individuals on the internet have been following Maria’s pregnancy on Instagram, many of them because of her incredible stomach. You see, Maria is pregnant with triplets, and the unusual shape they’ve created has caused a lot of people to react on the internet.

“At first there were strange comments, people tagging their friends and so on. But, over time, the response has become more positive,” the happy mother-to-be claims. “I’m proud of my stomach! I’m also surprised at how it can be so big without falling down. It’s amazing!”

Early on Thursday morning, the three happy and healthy triples arrived safely into this world. Mary announced the names of her babies to the many following her story. Their names are Agnes, Filip and Iben. Now, the adorable triplets can be seen by visiting Maria’s Instagram @triples_of_copenhagen.

Wow! The human body really is incredible! Thank God for mothers!

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