Hero Lyft Driver Sees Rain – Soaked Baby Walking Down Road During Storm And Pulls Her Into Car

A Lyft driver from Santa Rosa, California named Del Hedrick dropped one of his passengers at 10:30 p.m. Just before he drove off to pick up his next customer, Del saw something that shocked him.

An 18-month-old girl was wandering down the road, all alone in the dark night. It rained, and the baby was soaking wet. She was barefoot as well.

Del immediately sprang into action and pulled the baby girl into the safety of his car, then took out his phone and started filming for his Twitter page.

“Well, I’m dropping somebody off at this apartment complex and I found this little baby walking around… no shoes on,” he told his followers.

As they waited for the first responders, Del held the baby girl and tried drying her off from the rain, still in a state of shock.

Thanks to Del’s quick thinking, the baby girl was reunited with her family. As it turned out, the toddler’s babysitter made a big mistake that night.

Had it not been for this unlikely hero, things could have ended a whole lot worse.

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