She hates a messy fridge, so she came up with 17 nifty ways to organize the fridge

When you get that midday snack craving, don’t you just hate opening your fridge door and seeing that everything in there is a complete mess?! Well, we’ve got a solution for you! Here are 17 nifty ways you can organize your fridge and make for a neater, cleaner life!

1. Chalkboard Fridge: Paint your fridge with chalkboard paint so it doubles as a menu board and grocery list. Plus, it looks amazing!

2. Or Use A Dry Erase Board: Don’t want to paint over your fridge? Well, then you can use a dry erase board to do the same thing!

3. Create An “Eat Me First” Basket: Fill a basket with items in your fridge that are about to go bad so your family knows what to eat first. Plus, it stops rotten food from getting pushed to the back of the fridge where it can sit for weeks unnoticed.

4. Dedicated Snack Zone: Make a dedicated snack zone in your fridge so that it is quick and easy any time you want something small!

5. Magazine Freezer Shelves: These holders make for great organizers and help keep everything in your freezer from spilling out on you everytime you open the door.

6. Fridge Bins: Plastic bins are great for so many areas in your home, and that doesn’t exclude the fridge! Use some cute bins to organize everything in a neat, orderly fashion!

7. Label Everything: Label the bins in your fridge so that your family knows where everything. Plus, this helps you to cut down on the time you keep the door open and saves energy costs!

8. Reduce Condiment Clutter: Use squeeze bottles to store condiments so that they all fit in a neat corner of your fridges.

9. Grab & Go Basket: Have a special basket in your fridge just for grab and go items like fruit. This makes snacktime simple and fast!

10. Binder Clip Trick: Use binders like this keep bags sealed, organized, and maximize space!

11. DIY Shelf Mats: Cleaning the shelves in your fridge can be so annoying, so make the process easier by using shelf mats! You can use any cute plastic placemats and cut them to fit the shelves. Now, whenever something spills, these mats are easy to take out and rise off in your sink!

12. Lazy Susan: Use a lazy susan in your fridge to make everything readily accessible! Now you won’t have to reach all the way to the back just for a cup of yogurt!

13. Freezer Bags: If you have an upright freezer chest, use canvas shopping bags to help organize everything in there.

14. Practical Egg Basket: Save space and keep your eggs in line by creating an egg basket in your fridge.

15. “Opened On” Dates: Label everything in your fridge with ‘opened on’ dates so that everyone knows how long items have been sitting there. It helps you know when to throw away food that’s gone bad, allowing your fridge to be clean and helping ensure the safety of your family!

16. Single Serve Magnetic Containers: Now this is such a great idea! Attach some magnets to small plastic containers and stick them on the outside of your fridge. Fill them with items you use frequently so you can just grab them and go!

17: Know Where To Store Items: Did you know that your fridge temperature can vary depending on the area? Know what food to store where so that it all stays at the perfect temperature.

[Source/Home Hacks]

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