Groomsman Comes To The Rescue Of Nervous Flower Girl In Hysterical Video

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Watching two people who are so in love and dedicated to each other make such a huge commitment is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes! There are many different elements that weddings have, and one of the parts we love most is when we see the adorable flower girl walking down the aisle! But, as kids will be kids, not everything always goes as planned. This couple was in for a real treat on their wedding day! Everything was going according to plan until their flower girl suddenly experienced some wedding jitters, but what happened next left the entire audience in laughter.

The sweet little flower girl was all decked out in her white gown, white shoes, and white tights. She had a little silver basket in her hands that was filled to the brim with beautiful rose petals. She was all ready to go, but then she got scared. As soon as the song started to play, the little girl got nervous and she stood at the beginning of the aisle and wouldn’t move. The girl looked nervously at her mom who was giving her a gentle push and encouraging her to start walking. After several attempts to get her daughter to walk down the aisle, her mother wasn’t sure what else to do. Luckily, that’s when someone else stepped in and helped out.

A groomsman walked back toward her and took the little girl by the hand. He spoke gently to her and the two eventually walked down the aisle together. Now they were moving, but there was still another problem. The flower girl wasn’t throwing her flowers! When her dad realized this, he did something that made the entire audience explode into a fit of laughter! The man actually got up and grabbed a few petals from his daughter’s basket, thus taking on the role of flower girl himself! Everyone in the room was laughing and the little blunder made this wedding one that nobody would ever forget! Watch the whole scene for yourself in the video below:


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