Groomer opens store in middle of the night to care for abandon dog covered in fleas

Little upsets us more than seeing or learning of innocent people getting hurt.

Unfortuntaly, it’s often animals that end up in such situations simply because they are unable to protect themselves or their fundamental rights to be treated with compassion.

This was the condition that 4-year-old Lucky was discovered in after being found on a highway one night in Florida, USA.

A driver located Lucky one night along a highway. He quickly pulled over and went over to the dog to rescue him.

Poor little Lucky was clearly in terrible shape — his fur was heavily matted, and, as can be seen in the photos, he had problems to even see through it all.

Lucky was indeed in a rough condition, his heavily matted fur even preventing him from being able to move properly.

It’s not known how poor Lucky ended up on the streets, but what’s certain is that on this evening, everything would change for the adorable pup.

The very same night of Lucky’s discovery, a woman named Mary Dixon share a photo of him on a local Facebook group page, asking for assistance. She soon got an overwhelming response from dog lovers. One was Kari Falla, who happened to own a pet grooming salon.

To Mary’s great delight, Kari offered to open her salon for Lucky to get a grooming lesson, right then and there, in the middle of the night.

Kari worked precisely on Lucky for several hours, patiently removing months of heavy, wild fur. According to Kari, it usually takes an hour and a half to groom a dog, but in Lucky’s case it took double that time.

It’s not entirely clear what happened to Lucky afterwards, but we can only guess that with such kind people around him, he came to find a loving forever home.

What’s for sure is that Lucky’s makeover was magical: just have a look for yourself in the video below:


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