Groom Breaks Down As His Bride Walks Down The Aisle – But The Tears Were Not Because Of What He Saw

Watching her walk down the aisle, brought tears to his eyes

When they say, matches are made in heaven, they are essentially referring to the fact that no relationship in this wide world can prosper without the blessing of the Lord Almighty. It is God who creates alliances in heaven and makes us meet the ‘one’ during our life’s journey.

While most weddings are marked by a million emotions, it is rare to find the magic that surrounded Ryan and Arianna’s special day in 2013. When Arianna was supposed to walk down the aisle to tie the nuptial with the love of her life, she planned to surprise him with an unusual gift that would eventually lead him to tear up. The beautiful moment has been captured in this emotional video that introduces you to not only the lovely couple, but also the true essence of their divine love for each other.

The tender moment leaves everyone in the room with wet eyes and especially Ryan, who is unable to control the steady stream of tears flowing down his cheeks. While tears are a part of all weddings, you might not find another alliance where the emotions brew out of something so unique and unexpected!

Wedding celebrations are mostly influenced by the couple’s ethnicity and cultural background and seem to follow a pattern that stems out of their unique customs. While all new couples in Japan commemorate their marriage by sipping sake, weddings in Germany go on for several days. But here is something that you would probably never see again in life!

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