Cop Pulls Man Over For Not Having Baby In Car Seat – Then He Sees Wife’s Pregnancy Test

Surprises are always fun to give to others. Sometimes it’s a surprise birthday party, a present, or in this case, a baby announcement.

Nikk Rock was expecting a little one and wanted to let her husband know in a unique way. She decided to put her thinking cap on and ended up with a one of a kind reveal.

She contacted a friend of hers who works at the local police station in Hurst. They coordinated together to pull off the fun stunt.

On the day of the reveal, Nikk and her husband took a drive. He was, of course, encouraged to go down a particular road where an officer happened to be there waiting.

As expected, the officer started to follow the car and asked them to pull over. Nikk’s husband was confused at what he did wrong.

“I gotta be honest. The reason why I stopped you is you have a child in the car with no child seat,” the officer said.

“I don’t have a child,” replied her husband. The officer continued to play along and explain that there was indeed no car seat for a child.

Finally, Nikk held out her pregnancy test revealing a positive result. “We do have a child in the car with no car seat!” Nikk said as she laughed.

Her husband was completely shocked. The officer gave him a stuffed bear that also revealed the due date. A second surprise showed the baby was due on his birthday. Two big gifts in one!

Congrats to this couple and may God bless this family.

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