Experts Can’t Explain How Woman Regained Her Lost Eyesight After Praying

Dafne Gutierrez held on to her faith when she lost her eyesight. It started years ago and, in 2015, went completely blind in both eyes. Doctors told her she had benign intracranial hypertension and would never see again. She says when she turned to God and started praying, her body felt different. Within three days, she could see again. Medical experts can’t explain what happened while others call it a “divine act.”

Gutierrez said she feels truly blessed that God allowed her to have her sight back. Doctors are still baffled that Gutierrez is able to see again since the condition she suffers from causes so much pressure in her head and does serious damage. Medically, there is no reason why she should be able to see again, but God sure had other plans! Gutierrez is most excited about being able to see her children again. She was so afraid of never being about to see the faces of her children again while she was losing her eyesight, but now she is able to enjoy seeing their smiling faces again! It took about three days after she prayed to regain her full eyesight, but the most amazing part is that she not only has her eyesight back, but she can actually see PERFECTLY! Amen!

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