Granny Asks Big Sister If She Can Take The Baby, Her Response Has Quickly Made Her Famous

This just goes to show that the bond between siblings is something absolutely incredible.

There is this peace of mind that comes with the knowledge of the fact that you have a sister who will always be with you through thick and thin. Yes, it is true that occasionally siblings will fight, but when it comes down to it, siblings will always be there for each other.

Sisters swipe clothes out of each other’s closet, exchange giggles and gossip late into the night. Hopefully, the sisters featured below grow up to become the very best of friends.

Henley was beyond thrilled when it was time for her mom to welcome her newborn sister into the world. The one and a half-year-old girl was taken by her father to the hospital to meet her newborn sister Peyton

Henley’s mother, Danielle Neville, recorded her first interaction with her younger sister as everyone around waited anxiously.

Safe to say, it wasn’t so bad.

Henley’s first reaction when she met her baby sister Peyton was completely hilarious, and it has gone viral on social media.

To start, the girl’s grandmother made an attempt to pick Peyton up from out of her bassinet. However, Henley wasn’t about to let her get away with that.

As can be heard in the video, grandma said, “Henley, do you want me to take the baby? Come on, I’ll take her”

The little girl shook her head with a a strong no as grandma tried to reach for the baby. Henley had gotten into the baby’s bassinet with her, and she had basically made her a nest under her new sister (who, by the way, was sleeping peacefully).

Grandma knew that she was in trouble, so she decided to ask Henley a few more times, in a tender and calm fashion, if she was now allowed to pick Peyton up. Still though, Henley was strong in her resolve, and she shook her head no to deny both older women.

When it became very obvious to everyone that there was no way for them to get the baby away from the hands of Henley, they all gave up trying to pick her up. As an alternative, they offered a ride to Henley while she was still inside the bassinet with the sleeping newborn baby.

Henley agreed – at the very least she would be able to stay with her sister while he both of them were moving.

Someone asked Henley, “Are you gonna take care of your new sister?”

Henley quickly responded with a yes.

There is little to no doubt to the fact that these two are going to grow up to become the very best of friends. We are witnessing a sisterhood bond that is truly special.


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