Giraffes Have Quietly Been Added To The Endangered Species List For The First Time

One of the things I dreamed of doing as a child was going on a safari ride and seeing giraffes in the wild. Unfortunately, I never did. I made up for the adventure by frequently visiting the zoo.

They reminded me of elegant horses. Their features were a little bit smaller, their behavior a little more passive and of course their necks a little bit longer.

These beautiful creatures were recently put on the list of endangered animals. Certain subspecies of Giraffes are not reproducing at a consistent rate and causing their population to drop. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says two types are currently on the list while three other subspecies are falling in numbers.

Some giraffes are listed as a concern include the Kordofan. It is at great risk of becoming extinct. This giraffe is shorter in height than others. The Nubian giraffe is also at great risk with less than 2000 alive.

This comes as a shock to many giraffe lovers. People have been vocal about their concern through social media.

There is good news for other giraffe types. Some are growing in population after being threatened in the past. Overall, there is a limited understanding of how to encourage reproduction and survival for the animal to save them. National Geographic explains how there isn’t a simple answer.

Hopefully all they giraffes can be saved. Let’s keep these sweet animals in our prayers and bless those with guidance who seek to help them.

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