Firefighters Get to Scene To Free Dog From Dirt Tunnel, Find 80-Pound Tortoise Wedged In Next To Her

Tracy Arballo’s German shepherd, Taylor, is a huge fan of playing fun games like fetch, chasing after her cute toys, and being her typical hilarious self.

The Arballo family currently resides in Fontana, California. There’s a long and winding tunnel that runs underneath the concrete patio in their backyard. One day, Taylor wound up several feet inside of the tunnel, and couldn’t escape. Though she’d usually be able to find her way out of such a bind with ease, this particular day was different.

You see, there was a huge creature was in Taylor’s way.

Godzilla is Taylor’s brother… and he’s an enormous 80-pound tortoise. Godzilla is also the one who allegedly dug the tunnel in the family’s backyard.

When Taylor tried crawling her way out of the tunnel, she was met with Godzilla’s stubborn presence. It seemed the tunnel wasn’t large enough for the both of them, so the dog and tortoise ended up tightly wedged in the tunnel about 6 feet from the entrance. They were stuck side by side and in desperate need of assistance.

When she couldn’t release her pets on her own, Tracy called her local first responders to the scene. Her entire family, along with the rescue crew, spent over 30 minutes trying to get Godzilla to move. But he just wouldn’t budge.

As you’ll see in the rescue video below, a little bit of lettuce went a long way towards freeing the two animals.

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