Elephant Charges Toward Cyclist, But Keep Your Eyes On Who’s Coming Out Of The Woods Behind Him

All creations of the Almighty, whether big or small, are incredibly special and must be treated as such. The natives of the Southeast Asian countries like India are quite used to elephant crossing signs. In this incident that was captured by nature photographer Jasoprakas Debdas on video, we see a massive elephant walking on the road from the woods and sprinting after a biker that was on his way to home. Thankfully, the biker was able to have a fortunate escape. However, it was only when the biker had been successfully chased off that the videographer realizes the actual intention of the elephant.

The elephant then turned to face the oncoming traffic that obviously stopped in its tracks after seeing the massive beast standing in the middle of the road. Once the line is clear, the elephant turns to face the bushes from where an entire family of elephants emerges! The elephant guides the mother and his two children crossing the road and ensures that they are able to safely get to the other side without anyone getting harmed. It turns out that the biker had been a mere obstacle for the elephant to accomplish a more noble goal! The incident evokes strong feelings of compassion and empathy and reminds us that the animals to have families that they love and care for!

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