Each Day, Customers Buy Out Donut Shop’s Inventory So Owner Can Go Be By Sick Wife’s Side

For 30 years now, John Chhan and his wife, Stella, have been the proud owners of doughnut shop located in Seal Beach, California called ‘Donut City’.

They arrived in California as Cambodian refugees back in 1979 and have been hard at work ever since making doughnuts.

Over the years, Donut City customers have come to rely on their morning donuts and cup of coffee. Served with a smile by the couple working togehter side by side.

One day customers noticed Stella was no longer working beside John. Then one day turned into two, then three and then many started to wonder. Where was Stella?

John then revealed that his beloved wife had suffered an aneurysm. She is currently in rehabilitation and working to get her strength back.

John just wants to be at her side each day just like before, but he also has to keep their business up and running to pay the bills.

That’s when his caring customers reached out to help. They asked John if they could set up a GoFundMe page for him and Stella, but he said no.

Determined to help him spend be back at Stella’s side, the customers came up with another option. This one he couldn’t turn down.

Now these caring custmers incredible gesture has gone viral, touching hearts around the world.

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