68-Yr-Old Stuns Professional Fishermen With Massive 130-Lb Catch

It is indeed frustrating when some amateur simply walks in and beats you at your own game! However, it takes a great depth of character and class to acknowledge someone’s else’s accomplishment and not take their ‘beginner’s luck’ personally. When a 68-year-old mother from the UK went visit her son and daughter in law, the family planned a deep sea fishing excursion on the sea. An amateur at fishing, Sue Elcock’s biggest catch until now had been a foot long snapper. Recalling the events at the sea, Seu said, “The biggest fish I’ve caught before was a snapper about a foot long and when this one took the bait on the bottom the tug on the line didn’t seem much. I just couldn’t believe the size of it when it reared its head out the water. It was the size of a sofa.”

Apparently, the lady had caught the largest ever fish caught on the boat! As a matter of fact, Seu was only there to accompany her son on his fishing excursion and the monstrous catch had come as a huge surprise for her. When the family managed to haul the fish on the boat after an hour-long struggle, they were astounded to notice that the fish was actually two inches longer than Seu herself! An experienced fisherman himself, Simon (Seu’s son) remarked, “Mom caught a giant fish and I was thrilled for her. The photo of her holding the fish is one to treasure.”

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