Dying Preemie Holds On For Dear Life… One Year Later Dad Makes Confession On Facebook

Benjamin Scot recently wrote a blog about the most harrowing year of his life. His son, Miles Ward, was born premature and spent 107 days in the hospital with his mother. Sometimes God puts us in harsh times to test our faith. Though the challenges before Young Miles and his parents were huge, they overcame everything that life threw at them through devotion and God’s grace.

Scot chose to share the details of the harsh gritty moments so that people can see how far Miles has come when they look at him now. Little Miles was born too early and was found to have serious medical complications. Doctors scanned his brain to find major internal bleeding. Operating on such a young patient is extremely risky and the doctors could not do much to help him. Seeing their baby riddled with needles and tubes, Scot and his wife Lyndsey broke into a prayer.

It was at 6 in the morning when Miles miraculously opened his eyes and turned his head towards his parents. He stared right at them, gently as if comforting them. Letting them know that he was still there. That he had not given up. Benjamin captured the entire ordeal on video. He put together a video-blog of their experience as a surprise present for Lyndsey’s 32nd birthday. This also happened to be the one-year anniversary of Mile’s released from the hospital. This story inspires us to have faith in times of utmost distress. Lyndsey had to wait for more than hundred days to hold her own baby. Scot and Lyndsey could finally have a whole family all due to the bravery that young Miles and his parents have shown.

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