Dying Mom Battling Cancer Gets Her Last Wish: One More Family Sleepover

Many kids tend to create a Christmas wish list for Santa, or sometimes a list of birthday wishes. These do not usually happen as many times its a wide range of toys and material things that parents don’t want to spoil their children with.

Every so often adults have wishes too, especially for the holidays. It could be to have their military child or significant other to be home, maybe a puppy, or a simple dinner. Ryan Kania wanted something that would bring her family together. Her wish was a big family sleepover.

Ryan has been battling cancer and going through treatment. She has had other complications as a result and doctors do not believe they can do much more to help her. She also had a small stroke.

The frustrating news made Ryan want to have a super meaningful holiday.

“Even though she is the one going through this, she is constantly telling ME that it will be okay,” her husband Brian said. “She needs to keep fighting because this world is a better place with her in it.”

A family member reached out to the media to help make Ryan’s wish come true.

Her wish exactly? Here are her words:

“A sleepover with my fourteen closest family and friends…the PENTHOUSE suite,” she said playfully. “Time to play games, spend an entire night together and make lasting memories.”

Days later a man named Russell was able to help with her wish.

A representative spoke on behalf of Russell about the wish.

“Mr. Salvatore was very saddened to find out about Ryan’s situation, especially during the holidays. Russell has the biggest heart in Buffalo, adding enhancements to this experience for Ryan including a horse and carriage ride for the family to tour the lights festival outside of the hotel, and it will fit her entire family. The sleepover will be a very magical night, featuring dinner, and a gourmet popcorn and cookie bar. We are very glad to help and Salvatores Grand Hotel will add this to the book of the greatest guest at our property.”

Ryan was so deeply touched by the gesture.

“I can’t believe Mr.Salvatore is opening his hotel to us and allowing me to have the sleepover of my dreams,” Ryan said.

Her mother reflected on it all.

“What started as small sleepover is now going to be a wonderful family memory for all of us.”

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