Drivers Annoyed With Truck Blocking Traffic, Jaws Drop When They See What He’s Really Doing

Jesus said that whatever we do for people, even those who may not seem to be important to us, it is as if we are doing it to Christ himself. That is why Christian values are based on the principle of charity – living and dying for the sake of others. Jesus gave this so much importance that he even said we should do more than what is asked of us. Yes, it is hard to live such a life – however, what Christ call us is to strive for perfection, and not perfection itself!

E’Ondria Weems tells us a story that points out to us this aspect of faith. Just like anyone would, she too was surprised – and maybe even a bit annoyed – when the Dodge Pickup in front of her suddenly swerved, forming a wall across the road. She immediately took her phone out to record the incident, maybe hoping to report the motorist. But what happened next really moved her – the motorist got out of the truck and walked over to where an elderly man with a walker was trying to cross the road. In the video that Weems posted, we can see the truck driver holding the elderly man’s hand, helping him safely cross the road. The truck was parked in such a way that it brought the entire traffic to a halt, so the man could go on to the other side. People like the truck driver are like beacons of hope in a world where news of selfishness and violence has become the norm.

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