Dozens of Vacation Homes are Plunging Into the Sea Thanks To Coastal Erosion

Dozens of families are shocked to find a 16 ft long tear in the cliff, just a few yards from their North Yorkshire luxury havens. Owners of vacation caravans worth between £ 40,000 and £ 100,000 were given the bad news that their homes would soon be relocated at Longbeach Leisure Park, Hornsea.

According to some holiday homeowners, the pictures show the worst crack in the cliff top-caused by coastal erosion. According to the local council, the coast is eroding at a rate of 2.3 m per year-and they now say that there is a “need to move or remove caravan pitches from the site.”

Just five years after purchasing the high-spec home which lays directly on the coastline, Jenny was given the unfortunate news she would have to relocate as soon as possible in January.

Mrs Speight, 71 – who visits the £45k property most weekends with husband Brian Speight, 76, from their home in the U.K. – has been offered a plot further away from the cliff edge.

The couple, who are both in retirement, are now starting to pack up their belongings before being relocated.

She said: “I thought we would at least see the year out here but with the weather and how quickly the cliff is eroding, we have been told we need to get out as soon as possible.

“Our home is directly on the cliff front so we have the best views possible, the views are incredible.

“It is such a shame.

“We knew when we bought the home this day would come but we didn’t think it would be so soon.

“We have been on the site for 33 years and seen many changes but this is the worst the erosion has ever been.”

Work is now due to begin on dismantling the couple’s property – which includes top of the range decking and skirting.

Mrs Speight continued: “It is very annoying as we are going to lose the direct sea view.

“It could be as soon as this weekend when the work begins, we are thinking of going to help get everything together.

“At least the homes can be transported, if they were made of bricks and mortar it would be much more difficult.”

A spokesman for East Riding Council stated: “While the existing coastal defences in Hornsea protect part of the Longbeach site from erosion, to the south of these defences, the coast is eroding at a rate of approximately 2.3 metres a year, with a maximum individual loss of 8.76 metres.

“Over time, this erosion, which is monitored regularly, has resulted in the need to relocate or remove caravan pitches from the site.”

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