Dog the Bounty Hunter gives update on wife’s cancer battle: Urges public to send prayers

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There has been the continuous coverage of the cancer journey with Beth Chapman, also known as ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife’. The family has expressed medical updates and continued prayer requests for Beth as she fights the disease. Fans were excited with hearing from Beth herself this week through her social media posts. She published a picture of her and her husband with the message:

“Another bend in the road, yet not the end of the road.”

Fans were thrilled to see this as previous news was relayed from Duane and their daughter. It showed her strength and her mind is in the right place.

Dog (Duane) and Beth Chapman are known by many for the popular show ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter.’ Beth was diagnosed with a throat cancer last year. She was able to conquer the disease but unfortunately, it returned a year later.

“She had a lump in her throat twice the size of last time, and they performed an emergency surgery [on Tuesday],” he said. “They cut a hole in her throat so she can breathe; she can still talk. … [She’s] doing the best she can and remains incredibly strong,” Duane shared.

He also asked his fans to keep her in their prayers.

“We are all so devastated. We love our mommy so much and thank you guys for being here,” she shared. “We got such an amazing outpouring from fans and we just really appreciate it,” said their daughter.

We are happy to see Beth’s encouraging post. Please pray for continued health for her and all those who struggle with sickness.

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