Dog Can’t Stop Crying During Visit To Cemetery To See His Owner’s Gravestone

Are dogs capable of grieving for their loved ones? Many people believe that the can. Dogs are loving and very loyal, and they develop a sense off devotion to their human family members. There are many videos, photos and stories of dogs refusing to leave the side their owners when something bad happens.

In some cases, death is clearly just as difficult for dogs as it is for human beings. They have no idea what to do when they lose their owners.

A video, posted on YouTube shows a dog lying on the grave of his owner’s grandma. She and the dog were close, and the dog is clearly upset.

We learn that the dog’s name is Wiley, and that he serves as a therapy animal. He is very empathetic to people, which is probably why he’s so upset at this woman’s death.

The video received a lot of views and comments, and many believe that the dog is experiencing complex emotions.

“I believe thee wolf is grieving. Once we can understand them better, I believe that we’ll see that dogs and wolves have the same emotions and bonds that we do”

Sarah updated the description of the video to state, “I might be anthropomorphizing his actions, but this is how I choose to deal with loss.

Daily Puppy reports that a canine grieving over a loved one’s passing is not typically uncommon. They also offered some information about signs of a grieving dog.

“There are different signs, ranging from little differences in the mood to blatant depression. Some dogs might eat less, drink less water and even voice their sadness with whines and howls. Some dogs can even go as far as putting an end to their physical behavior and showing symptoms of sleep and fatigue.

Although it is recommended to allow dogs to live in the way that they choose, there are also a number of things that can be done to ensure that the process isn’t overwhelmingly difficult.

Like with people, dogs need to understand that it’s okay to grieve. However, eventually, things need to go back to normal.

“There are also cases where the dog ends up recovering, especially if it is given the amount of time that is needed for a loss. You can try to reinforce the status quo in order to see that sadness is over and have things go to continue for the eyes of their lives.

To help with this, make sure to involve the dog in more physical activities. The brain will be able to also show the release of serotonin that is required for proper functions”

It isn’t definitive whether the dogs can understand everything related to death, but they definitely can understand certain complex aspects of the overall process. They bond with people, develop extreme loyalty to them, and eventually grieve with all of us when someone passes away.

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