Doctors Tell Randy Travis’ Wife To Pull The Plug, Then She Started Praying

God is our healer, and he sure loves to surprise us with miracles! We all have heard of Randy Travis and many of us love his amazing country music. But, over the past few years, Randy has been dealing with a lot and struggling with his health. Randy actually suffered from severe cardiomyopathy, and this ended up leaving him in a coma. The talented man was then confined to a hospital bed and had to fight hard to stay alive. With every passing day, his condition kept getting worse and worse. Doctors started to advise Randy’s wife that she should probably pull the plug on him soon.

But she didn’t want to pull the plug yet, and what she did next shock the doctors. Mary Davis Travis explained all of this during an emotional interview with WFAA News. She claimed that Randy’s condition was constantly changing. One second her husband was showing signs of life, but the next he was crashing down. “Life was minute to minute. They said ‘pull the plug, there’s no hope,” Mary said.

Mary thought there was still hope, though, and she trusted that there was a chance her husband could pull through. “At this point, the one to two-percent chance is [a] 100-percent chance over zero. I prayed hard, ‘God, please let me have him back, any way, shape or form,'” Mary said.

Mary turned to prayer and continued to have faith that her husband would be healed. Slowly but surely, Randy was able to regain his strength! But, Randy’s stroke had left him without the ability to walk, talk, or complete normal day-to-day tasks. Thankfully, his loving wife and the rest of his family were right by his side during these four years of rehabilitation. The progress may be slow, but they are celebrating every single milestone.

“I think our goal for five years is to remain hopeful and keep our heads up high and not throw in the towel and be happy with wherever God has us. If it’s back up on that stage singing, hallelujah,” Mary said.

Watch the video below to see an update on how Randy is doing now:

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