Doctors Pull The Plug, Then The Unexpected Occurs

It was an early morning day and Ryan was doing his morning Saturday routine. He was enjoying a quiet time while reading his newspaper. Jill was still sleeping in their bedroom. Suddenly a feeling came over him.

“I can’t tell you why,” Ryan explained. “But I just felt that I wanted to wake her up that day.”

He went into the room to wake her and to his surprise, she didn’t move. Ryan called for help and discovered his 31-year-old wife had suffered a cardiac arrest.

He described the moment paramedics attempted to shock her.

“I could, I could actually hear the machine going,” Ryan recalled. “A thump and then the second thump. I heard Jill coming back down and hitting the wood floor.”

“She fell into a category where there was probably a 1 percent — well, maybe give or take 1 percent — chance for being a functional person afterward,” said her doctor.

Ryan stayed by his wife’s side at the hospital day and night. She was in his prayers constantly.

“Every morning I’d wake up and I’d realize, this isn’t a dream,” Ryan shared. “The doctors told me that there were never any signs that she was coming back. There wasn’t.”

Jill’s family and Ryan agreed to take Jill off of the machines and let her go peacefully to Heaven. It was a difficult decision but something they felt Jill would want.

Then the unbelievable happened.

“One of the nurses came and got me and told me, ‘Ryan, I think you need to come back into the room,'” Ryan explained. Jill was in the bed awake!

“Get me out of here. … I want to go home,” were her first words.

“She knew our dog’s name, our cat’s name, our phone number. She knew our address immediately,” Ryan recalled.

It’s unclear what happened, but Jill thinks she has a pretty good idea.

“Honestly, I think God had a big part to play in it or he is the reason. ”

“He’s the reason why I’m here today talking to you.”

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