Do You Have Childlike Faith?

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12


The creative views of children often remind us to enjoy the process of living even when it’s far from perfect. With a finger-painted rainbow, a crayon-drawn portrait, or a mixed-media collage from an electronic tablet, children revel in reflecting their view of the world around them and sharing it with us.

We must live just as artfully, joyful to make the contribution that God has uniquely equipped us to make in this life. Too often we become blindsided by our problems and lose sight of the mosaic of God’s majesty all around us.

When you choose to focus on Christ, you regain perspective about what’s important, meaningful, and life-giving. You realize that your temporary inconvenience or slight discomfort is not the priority. Knowing God, growing closer to Christ, and serving others with the love of your Father—those are the real priorities of your day.

Pray: “Dear God, thank you for the way you’ve gifted me and given me a purpose in life. Help me to share it even in the midst of today’s challenges.”

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