Deaf Shelter Dog Won’t Let Go Of Blankets While He Waits For A Home

When it’s time to adopt a pet, some families look for dogs that seem playful, quiet or mellow. Different personalities are expected when browsing a kennel. Something that isn’t so common is a pooch relaxed under a pile of blankets.

Valcor is a beautiful white pit bull mix with stunning blue eyes. He was born without his hearing but can understand certain sign language commands. He can ‘sit’ and ‘come here’ when requested.

He was given to a shelter after his owners had a new baby. They let everyone know about Valcors strong desire for blankets.


“Since he doesn’t have his hearing, it seems that being swaddled in his blankets (which he does himself) is comforting to him,” a manager at the shelter said. “He curls himself up in his blankets and sleeps like a baby until someone touches him or he decides he wants some play time.”

The pooch seemed to have a great love of kids and other dogs despite concerns from the original family.

“When we brought in different dogs for him to interact with for a ‘dog test’ he did really well,” said the manager. “He does make some funny noises that the other dogs don’t really understand, but that is also very common for deaf pets.”

Local children visit and read to the animals for a special program at a local school. Valcor loved these visits. As expected, Valcor was found under his blankets. A staffer describes his reaction once the children showed up.

“He lights up completely when children are around and loves to give them kisses.”

Kristeena Thaten couldn’t wait to adopt Valcor and feels a bond with the pooch, as she too is deaf. We are sure he will get lots of love and lots of blankets too.

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