Dad Sings To Disabled Boy, Bursts Into Tears When Son Comes Back With This:

Being a parent is so hard, but it is so rewarding! No parent is perfect, but we all try our best to make sure our kids a full life and a happy family! Zach Oxendine is one amazing father to his sweet baby boy, Judah. Little Judah was born prematurely when he was just twenty-three weeks old. He weighed less than two pounds when he was born and suffered from bleeding in his brain. All of these conditions lead to the boy having to undergo several surgeries. But, through it all, Judah’s family claims that the infant was always smiling through the pain. “I can remember even when Judah was in the NICU, he was smiling,” Zach said. “Since he was born and aware he was in the world, he’s never stopped smiling.”

Judah is now two years old and still has a variety of medical problems including cerebral palsy and deafness. Still, that doesn’t stop Zach from singing to his son. One night the family was all snuggled up when Zach started serenading his boy. He held him close and sang these words: “You’re gonna drive and kiss, and throw a punch, and grow up way too fast. You’re gonna drop the ball, hit the wall, and break some hearts like glass. I know you will, ’cause you’re a part of me, and a part of you will always be a boy.”

Judah, after hearing his dad’s sweet voice, looks up at him and smiles. Zach can’t hold back his tears and becomes overwhelmed with love for his son. Watch the sweet moment for yourself in the video below:


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