Dad pushes goalkeeper son to save a goal, hailed as ‘Father of the year’ on social media

When it comes to playing sports as a kid, we are many times told to enjoy the journey. It’s not the win that counts, but in fact, it is about having fun, right? For one dad, his efforts were to actively do both.

In a video recently posted, we see this father and son interaction in a youth soccer game in Wales.

As the young kids play and parents cheer, we see the ball heading towards a goal. The little boy goalie seems to not be aware or see the ball approaching. This is when things get interesting.

With the threat of the other team getting a point and the possibility of embarrassment for his son, a dad gives a little nudge that pushes him to block the goal. The ball gets kicked into the goal shortly after anyways and the point is made by the other team.

“I was telling him to stand in the middle of the goal but he couldn’t hear me and walked towards me as their player advanced,” the dad said in an interview.

“I was shouting by now that he needed to move towards the ball quickly to make the goal seem smaller to the opponent but it was too late so I gave him a little nudge to persuade him to move towards the player.” He explained.

This father is being labeled as ‘dad of the year’ by many, but not everyone feels the same way. The footage has received lots of mixed reactions. With over a million views, many have had comments to share.

Some see the video as a dad helping out his Goalkeeper son. Others think his desire to win was a little much.

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