Dad Prepared To Sell House To Pay for Daughter’s Vital Operation, Then Strangers Pay for Her Surgery

As a parent, the desire to protect our children is an overwhelming emotion. It is the drive for many who sacrifice whatever they have to save and support their kids. In this touching story, a dad sacrificed his own house in an effort to pay for his 13-year-old girl’s vital surgery.

Ffion Jones is an active teen who loves helping others and does it with a big smile. When she was suddenly told she had scoliosis, her loved ones were terribly concerned and troubled.

“My heart sank and my stomach churned like any parent would when I found out the news,” said her father. “I felt helpless.”

A much-needed surgery was strongly suggested by doctors, which would be very expensive. She also had to add her name to a waiting list. The more time that went by, the worse things could get for the young girl.

There was an option to get everything done without being on the list, but that would cost even more than the original quote.

“We found a hospital in Cardiff which can do the operation, but it is a lot of money, it’s going to cost £27,000 (close to $30,905),” her dad explained.

The dedicated dad set up a donation site for those who could help where they could. He also decided to sell his home and car to cover most of the cost.

Suddenly, Ffion’s dad discovered an overflow of donations poured in. Friends, family, and strangers all came together and donated enough to cover the surgery.

He shared his feelings on a social media post.

“What a Xmas Miracle!!!!……WE DID IT!! and all because of you beautiful people!!!!!…I am blessed with the most amazing friends!!!…”

“I was determined to raise the money but I never expected it to happen this fast.”

Prayers for a smooth surgery and fast recovery.

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