Dad Drives Neighbor Kid Home. When His Frantic Wife Calls, The Ride Takes A Chilling Twist

Technology is great and it makes life so much easier for many of us! Cars are a great invention that allows us to accomplish things that people 500 years ago would have never thought possible! And, although cars are wonderful and helpful inventions, they can also put us in a lot of danger if the person driving is being careless.

The video here is a public service announcement for distracted driving. The video is entitled “The Unseen” and it will leave you breathless at the end! The ad introduces a twist to what we normally hear about distracted driving. The story starts off pleasant as a father is driving his daughter and her friends to the pool. But, on his way home, his wife calls and tells him that the family dog has gone missing. His wife had called once before, but he didn’t answer. Now, when he does answer, he pulls the car over to talk to her in a safe manner. But, when he starts driving, there is a young boy in the car, and the two have a friendly conversation. The man’s phone rings again, and the boy asks him if he wants to answer it, and he says, “no.” Then the boy is gone. Watch the video to see what happens next.

[Source/Hero Viral]

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