Bride’s Touching Father-Daughter Dance Without Her Father Who Recently Passed Away

Just before Andrea was to marry the love of her life, tragedy struck. Her father Mark passed away suddenly from cancer.

The whole family was struck by grief over the loss of a beloved father and husband.

It was particularly painful for Andrea, who wanted nothing more than for her father to walk her to the altar at her wedding.

But despite the sadness, deep love found a way to give this story a happy ending.

When the big day finally came, Andrea could still felt something was missing since the loss of her father. She had hoped that he would lead her to the altar, and that they would have the first dance together.

Many women can vouch to the special bond that can exist between a father and daughter.

But there is also a special connection between brothers and sisters. And it turned out that Andrea’s brother Andrew had a big surprise in store for his sister.

After the church ceremony, Andrew took the microphone. Andrea was stunned, what was going on?

Silence fell across the room and all eyes turned to Andrea’s brother. It turned out that he had produced his very own song for the occasion. A song which both honored their late father and his sister’s marriage.

Andrea’s grandad and other brothers then came up one after the other to share a special dance with the bride in their father’s absence.

A wedding is a memory for life, and that will certainly be the case for Andrea. She lost her father to cancer, but was reminded of the love that exists in a family, and of the poweful tie between siblings.

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