Cyclist Sees Injured Stray Crawling From Woods 7 Miles From Town And Refuses To Leave Him Behind

Jarrett Little and his friends were on a bike journey near Columbus, Georgia, when they made the decision to take a quick little break. All of the sudden, a tiny stray puppy crawled out of the surrounding woods. It was obvious he was sweet and friendly and wanted to make human contact.

The cyclists took a closer look at the dog and realized just how severely he needed medical attention. He was nothing but skin and frail bones, covered in road rash, and in pain from a broken and bleeding leg. They realized he’d been hit by a car and left to die alone.

Jarrett made the decision right then and there he could not just leave the poor hurt animal, but they were miles from town and it was getting late. He and his friends gave the pup whatever food and water they had.

Since his bike was his only method of transportation, Jarrett put the dog onto his back and proceeded to peddle 7 miles until they reached the city, hoping to find a veterinarian’s office or animal shelter. The dog remained calm throughout the ride, as if he knew his guardian angel was trying to save his life. Still, keeping the dog secure on Jarrett’s back was no easy feat!

Just as Jarrett went into his local bike shop to get the dog more food and water, he just so happened to meet a woman from Maine who was in town on a visit.

That’s where the dog’s incredible and unexpected journey continued…

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