Cute Dog Helps Mom Change Baby’s Diaper

The Lord works in mysterious ways. That much is established. While we may not see his work with our own eyes, if we do not look for Him, we will see Him. Many moms and dads are very stressed while looking after a baby and would love a helping hand. The Lord listens to those who ask for help. This mom has a special friend to help her change her baby’s diapers.

Have you ever changed a baby’s diaper? Doesn’t seem too difficult, does it? Now imagine doing it 24/7 for many months after your baby is born. Day and night at irregular hours. See the challenge now? Many parents would love to hire a nanny to take care of their wee one, but it is rarely possible to afford such a luxury.

A mum has trained her beagle by the name of Charlie to assist in the business of changing her baby’s diapers. Not only does he help change diapers, but he also brings a high five to the table.

Charlie’s duties include bringing the diaper bag when needed, bringing the towel, as well as picking out the baby powder. When the diaper has been changed Charlie takes the dirty diaper and puts it into the bin. He ends his service with a quick kiss to the cheek. Try your hand at training your furry friend. Who knows? Help does come from unexpected places.

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